Polypropylene Sheet

Polypropylene Sheet

Applications HDPE is resistant to many different solvents and has a wide variety of applications, including:

·         Arena Board (puck board)

·         Backpacking frames

·         Ballistic plates

·         Bottle caps

·         Chemical resistant piping systems

·         Coax cable inner insulator

·         Food storage containers

·         Fuel tanks for vehicles

·         Corrosion protection for steel pipelines

·         Electrical and plumbing boxes

·         Far-IR lenses

·         Folding chairs and tables

·         Geomembrane for hydraulic applications (such as canals and bank reinforcements) and chemical containment

·         Geothermal heat transfer piping systems

·         Heat-resistant fireworks mortars

·         Hard hats

·         Hula hoops

·         Natural gas distribution pipe systems

·         Plastic bags

·         Plastic bottles suitable both for recycling (such as milk jugs) or re-use

·         Plastic lumber

·         Plastic surgery (skeletal and facial reconstruction)[5]

·         Root barrier

·         Snowboard rails and boxes

·         Tyvek

·         Water pipes for domestic water supply and agricultural processes

·         Wood plastic composites (utilizing recycled polymers)