Flip Flow Screen

Flip Flow Screen

Flip flop or flip flow screening machines have been in operation for decades for screening of moist or humid materials. Some typical applications


·         Iron Ore at 6mm with 15% moisture       

·         Raw sand at 3mm with 6% moisture

·         Compost at 10mm with 50% moisture

·         Slag at 3mm with 10% moisture

·         Salt at 3 mm with  5 % moisture

·         Coke at 3mm  with 20% moisture

·         Lignite at 6mm with 50% moisture

·         Coal at 6mm with 18% moisture

·         Limestone at 3mm with 20% moisture

·         Pet coke at 3mm with 18% moisture

·         Plus other hard to screen materials like wood chips, bamboo chips, washery waste, building rubble, soil, plastic, auto parts etc.