Get Tremendously Strong and Tough Dewatering Panels

Get Tremendously Strong and Tough Dewatering Panels

To achieve the highest reduction in moisture dewatering panels are designed with high open area. Because of its precision and repeatability screenex injection moulding process provides the perfect solution to dewatering challenges.

Other processes where pressure and ambient conditions can the size of inconsistent opening, see high-quality injection molding, expansion panel that all the time.
Maxi height of the opening level panel results screen panel opens our constant coverage available today from any other panel to be open to drain the water.

Screenex Removal offers a multitude of applications screen panel design. Our panel surface features like the ability to combine the bars of weirs and restricted flow in this sector of the screen to offer a variety of options allows the removal.

Apply in person is prepared in accordance with each region. As our flat panel screen manufactured to fit precisely, without the letters can be the foundation of the machine. Our flat screen panels are accessible in Huge, Fresh. They are armored with steel, regularly in the form of an combined frame construction or punched sheet. Self-supporting flat screen panels with extra joined reinforcements are also offered. The dewatering panels can be ordered in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

The Advantages included in our manufactured dewatering panels :

             Tremendously strong and tough

             No support structure changes needed

             From fine-meshed dewatering screens to heavy-duty rubber panels